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 Map50States 2013

Each year, 25,000 passionate World Book Night U.S. volunteers personally hand out half a million free books. Their experiences are funny, moving, and often life-changing.

Here are some of our favorite 2013 stories:

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"One little guy held his book so tight and said, 'this is the first new book I have ever had!' He's in fourth grade." —Anonymous from Ohio

"I cannot express how amazing an idea this is…And my heartfelt thanks goes out to you, the authors, and the publishers of these books." —Cheryl, recipient 2013

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“It’s amazing how a small kindness can brighten a day for both the giver and receiver.”
—Sarita, giver 2013

“It was AMAZING, ENTERTAINING, THOUGHT-PROVOKING, HEART-ENLARGING, AND AN ALL AROUND GREAT EXPERIENCE. It was a win-win; I gave free books to people and received smiles...I talk about books, the special book I picked, and World Book Night which put a big smile on me.”
—Darlene from MD

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giver collageAnd some of our fond memories of 2012: 

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