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World Book Night U.S. is a celebration of reading: the books, their stories, and the writers who create them.  Many authors share their love of reading on April 23; some are even WBN givers!

Quote ScottTurow



“In my experience, when people like what they are doing, they do more of it. This is the genius of World Book Night -- it gets people reading by connecting them  with amazing, enjoyable books. I'm honored to be a part of it.”

James Patterson


"All those people giving books out are proof that people DO care a whole awful lot, and we will always have books, stories, writers and – most importantly – READERS."

Markus Zusak

Quote JohnGreen



“I don' think there's a book on the [World Book Night] list I wouldn't like to receive.”

Neil Gaiman


“This is a celebration of the individual book and the individual reader. I am honored to take part.”

—Sherman Alexie

Quote DerekKirkKim



“It’s fantastic to be included in World Book Night. Any program that gets more people involved in reading is a noble effort, in my opinion. That one of my stories is part of it is just icing on the cake.”

Michael Connelly


 "What's better than a good book? A whole box of them, and the opportunity to share them with new readers. The idea behind World Book Night is inspired and as a writer and a reader I'm thrilled to be part of it."

Anna Quindlen





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