The Raven's Warrior

by Vincent Pratchett


If Death takes a man it is called fate, when Death leaves a man it is called destiny.

I have heard the delirious ramblings of countless dying minds and I am amused by yours. Don’t be afraid, I won’t take you now. Your life sentence has just begun.

Wounded in battle, a near dead Celtic warrior is taken by Viken raiders. He is sold into a Mid-East slave market and then dragged further east, through the desert, into the ‘Middle Kingdom’. Destiny brings him into the hands of a warrior priest and his daughter. Hazy images of silk, herbs, needles, potions and steel, can lead him to only one conclusion, he has been purchased by a wizard and his witch.

And Arkthar fears for his very soul.

Under death’s plotting eyes, a slave-warrior, a priest and a healer quest to save a kingdom. A new root of Arthurian legend takes hold.

Young Adult. 


Author biography

Vincent Pratchett


Vincent Pratchett hails from a family of Irish storytellers and English writers. Related by blood to renowned fantasy novelist Terry Pratchett, he is an accomplished martial artist, and a professional fire fighter. Vincent Pratchett resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 



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