Why is World Book Night important?

Why does World Book Night exist? Reading for pleasure improves literacy, actively engaging emerging readers in their desire to read. Reading changes lives, improves employability, social interaction, enfranchisement, and can have a positive effect on mental health and happiness. Book readers are more likely to participate in positive activities such as volunteering, attending cultural events, and even physical exercise.1

Or more simply put, books are fun—and they can be life-changing.

With the passionate volunteer support of thousands of people across the country, World Book Night U.S. is spreading the love of reading, person to person.

  • "Your organization I'm sure has helped so many people. Some people cannot afford books & your organization offers the less fortunate a better opportunity. I thank you for what you offer so many people. Knowledge & adventure." —Malika
  • "Best moment: hearing these young guys walk away with their copy saying, ‘we can have our own book club." —Linda
  • "My readers are reading their book and saying how much they are enjoying it.  I have 19 women and 1 man, aged from 75 to 16.  Black, white and Hispanic and they are all reading!" —Jane
  • "Thanks for sharing the book. I began reading the first chapter and was excited to be reading again.  My life is so busy with work and other community commitments that I forgot about the joy of taking time to read." —Wanda
  • "What a great project to encourage and reward both reading AND volunteering in such a creative way." —Mary Jane
  • “After April 23, we went back to the community center where we gave out Zeitoun and had some potluck dinner and great conversations with the recipients. Thank you, World Book Night!” —Suzie
  • “Gave a book to a woman this morning, who took it with tears in her eyes.  She told me that she rarely gets to the library and cannot afford to buy new books on her own.  She graciously took the book, opened it up, smelled the pages, said ‘God bless you, my child,’ and walked away clutching her new found treasure.  Makes me tear up too, thinking about what a difference we are making today!” —Adrian
  • “Tonight I had a high school boy say, ‘I’m new to the whole reading for fun thing,’ and then show me the books he got for #wbnamerica.” —Lauren
  • “I gave The Kite Runner to a veteran who had been stationed in Afghanistan.  He was very excited to read the book and ‘learn something about the place and gain some understanding.’ So rewarding. Thank you to the organizers, authors and publishers!” —Jennifer
  • “I'd like to let you know that just this night I received a packet of thank-you letters hand-written by most of the recipients of my 20 copies of The Hunger Games. These letters come from inmates at a local correctional facility, to whom I donated copies of my WBN book. … My favorite part of any letter was probably: ‘I think the idea for World Book Night is [a] beneficial concept to help people because for myself, I don't like reading. By you giving us this book, it was the first book that I ever read. I liked the book, and now I'm reading book two Catching Fire.’ (This man stated to my friend, who works at the facility, that this was the first full-length book he had ever read to completion in his life.)” —Heather



1 “Reading at Risk: A Survey of Literary Reading in America,” National Endowment for the Arts


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